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Statement of the Health and Safety Policy:

Forum Apprenticeships. has a policy of conducting its business in a way that ensures the health, safety, and welfare of all of its workers, clients, apprentices, other people operating on its property, and the general public. The business shall make sure that its facilities and equipment, to the extent that it is practically possible, offer a safe and healthy working environment for both its employees and apprentices.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all apprentices—including those who are vulnerable—learn in a secure and healthy setting. Forum Apprenticeships will collaborate with our customers to develop a Development Action Plan, which will be overseen by qualified Forum Apprenticeships staff, and will conduct health and safety assessments, inspections, and audits of our client employer's facilities and workplaces.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and any ensuing national or EU health and safety laws will be implemented by Forum Apprenticeships. This policy will be reviewed frequently. A formal revision will be made once a year or as often as is required to reflect changes in corporate policy or alterations to national or EU law.

Our general policy statement is as follows:

  • To effectively manage the health and safety risks brought on by our job operations.
  • To speak with our staff members and students about issues affecting their health
  • To ensure a safe working environment and equipment
  • To avoid accidents and incidents of occupational illness
  • To make sure all staffs are qualified to do their duties and provide them with sufficient training
  • To inform, enlighten, and supervise staff members and our students
  • To uphold wholesome and safe working environments,
  • To periodically evaluate and update this policy as appropriate.

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