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Gain an apprentice

Our apprentices are an affordable solution to guarantee any company's expansion. We take satisfaction in providing a special method for transforming aspirant students into professionals who are prepared for business. We have spent a lot of time and energy perfecting our specialised apprenticeship programs, so whether you want to promote your team or develop your career, we can help

  • Candidate Matching.
  • Apprenticeship Delivery.
  • Track Apprentice Progress.

The Apprenticeship Levy

In order to pay the Apprenticeship Levy, businesses must have a salary bill of £3 million or more. However, not enough businesses are taking advantage of it. Apprenticeship Levy can benefit all types of businesses. Investing in new talent can completely transform your workforce.

Levy paying organisations

bill payment of over £3m

You have two years left to take advantage of 0.5% levy funds if you're a big business. Rather than handing over thousands of dollars to HMRC, why not invest this money in hiring a new or up-skilled employee?

Non-levy paying organisations

bill payment of under £3m

As a non-levy payer, employers share the cost of the Apprenticeship Programme and End Point Assessment with the Government – this is called Co-Investment. As of April 2019, the Government funds 95% and the employer 5%

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