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Engaging an Apprentice

There are several steps to taking on an apprentice:

  • Select a typical apprenticeship program for a level-appropriate apprenticeship in your sector. This ought to correspond with the job description. Forum Apprenticeships can assist you in choosing an apprenticeship that meets your needs.
  • You can find your own apprenticeship provider by utilizing the government's online "Find a training provider" option for the apprenticeship standard you've chosen in cases when Forum Apprenticeships is unable to meet your needs because we are not delivering the apprenticeship program tailored to your role.
  • A service level agreement, the price of the service, and the 5% employer contribution (if necessary) must be agreed upon.
  • Forum Apprenticeships will promote your apprenticeship for you via the internet 'Find an Apprenticeship' service and other independent channels. Additionally, Forum Apprenticeships will assist with this by promoting your opening on our website and informing people who are looking for an apprenticeship opportunity and meet the employment requirements about it.
  • Initial applicant vetting and telephone screening will be done by Forum Apprenticeships, and you will receive suitable CVs for assessment
  • Choose your apprentice using your standard hiring procedures, such as an interview and an assessment center, and decide on the terms and conditions under which they will work
  • Forum Apprenticeships will arrange for enrollment into the apprenticeship program once your apprentice begins, working with you to create a structured learning plan

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