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The Initiative

The public and private sectors, major multinational corporations, and smaller independent businesses all employ people in this profession. Nearly every industry, from for-profit businesses to retail and financial services, engages in business research. It offers a recognized career, is fast-paced, collaborative, and relies on experts to take the initiative in successfully implementing change.

Understanding stakeholder requirements and how they might be satisfied through organizational reform and digital solutions is the overall goal of the profession. Business analysts are change specialists who support organizations in successfully implementing business and digital change.

Modeling business processes and facilitating, coordinating, and documenting requirements for the suggested business and IT improvements are typical areas of focus for the Business Analyst function. In order to guarantee that the suggested solution satisfies the specified objectives, business analysts will identify and provide options for how technology can be leveraged to deliver business gains. They will also assist business acceptability.


14 months of instruction plus up to 12 weeks of end-of-course testing

If an apprentice doesn't have level 2 English and math, they'll need to get it before taking the end-point test.

Delivery Model

  • hybrid of classroom seminars and online webinars (based on student enrollment).
  • To assist the application of information, skills, and behaviors, one-on-one monthly mentorship and tutoring sessions

The Guidelines

Occupational standards serve as the foundation for apprenticeship standards. An occupational standard is a brief and succinct document that outlines the "duties" and "knowledge, skills, and behaviors" (KSBs) needed to carry out these duties competently, as well as any qualifications that must be completed and, if applicable, alignment with professional recognition.

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