Professional Accounting or Tax Technician Level 4

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The Initiative

This will be done while adhering to all applicable ethical, professional, and legal standards. It will also make use of the person's understanding of the business' systems and procedures, as well as accepted accounting and tax procedures. This position could be found at an accounting firm, a professional services firm, HMRC, or the accounting department of a company or other organization.


Accounting and tax are two subspecialties of this profession. A successful apprentice will have complied with the fundamental requirements that apply to both areas as well as one of the two requirements for technical knowledge.

  • Option 1 Accounting: Accountants are able to compile and report financial information to the users of accounts thanks to their knowledge and comprehension of the fundamental concepts of double entry bookkeeping and accounting standards. For the creation of basic accounts and/or the authoring of financial statements, a Professional Accounting Technician will comprehend and/or validate the accounting standards. Depending on their position, they may also be experts in other areas of accounting, such as tax accounting and management accounting.
  • Option 2 Tax: A Professional Tax Technician must be knowledgeable in the fundamentals of both personal and commercial taxation as well as accounting principles. In addition to preparing tax calculations and government documents, they will also need to comprehend and abide by filing dates and keep track of client paperwork. They may also possess specialized knowledge in other areas of taxation, such as company compliance, VAT, Inheritance tax, trusts and estates, and corporate tax, depending on their function.


16–18 months of instruction plus up to 12 weeks of end-of-course testing

  • Before taking the endpoint assessment, apprentices who don't already have level 2 English and math will need to get those skills.
  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Delivery Model

  • A hybrid of webinars conducted remotely and in a classroom, depending on the participant count.
  • Monthly one-on-one mentorship and tutoring sessions to assist with applying information, skills, and behaviors.
  • Review of Progress every four months.

The Guidelines

Occupational standards serve as the foundation for apprenticeship standards. An occupational standard is a brief and succinct document that outlines the "duties" and "knowledge, skills, and behaviors" (KSBs) needed to carry out these duties competently, as well as any qualifications that must be completed and, if applicable, alignment with professional recognition.


The following AAT certifications can optionally be integrated into the apprenticeship by Forum Apprenticeships:

  • AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting: Higher accounting tasks like creating financial statements, managing budgets, and assessing financial performance are covered in this qualification. Optional specialty units like business tax, personal tax, external auditing, credit management, and cash and treasury management are also covered.

    Achieve professional AAT Accountant status If you successfully complete this qualification and fulfil our work experience requirements, you can apply for AAT full membership and achieve professional MAAT status.
  • English & Maths:Before completing the EndPoint Assessment, apprentices who don't have level 2 English and math will need to get those skills up to par. English and math proficiency at Entry Level 3 is required for persons with an education, health, and care plan or a legacy statement.

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